Car Transport To And From Arkansas

No matter why you are heading to, or leaving from, the state of Arkansas, you can get your car, truck, or motorcycle shipped with us here at Cobalt Auto Services. Just head over to our free quote area and we’ll get to work on a personalized quote just for you.

Some companies have pre-made quotes that then change once they finalize things. Not us. With the reliable people at Cobalt, you get a custom quote for your needs. This means that we will look at all routes and try to match your desired dates as closely as possible while keeping the cost down.

Cobalt ships everywhere in Arkansas, not just to the cities. We deliver to rural areas or can arrange for a drop off at a shipping terminal where it can be later retrieved.

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Car Shipping Tips For Arkansas

  •  To determine how much it will cost to ship your vehicle, we will need to know where it’s being shipped to and from, when it needs to be picked up and delivered. You’ll also have to notify them of what kind of vehicle is being transported, and any additional services you might need – this is all taken care of right on the quote form.
  • If you own a classic, vintage or luxury vehicle, you’ll want to request either fully enclosed transport (an enclosed trailer), or have your vehicle “top loaded.” Top loading typically costs a bit more, but your vehicle will travel on the upper deck of the carrier, where contact with road debris and auto fluids is less likely. Enclosed shipping can cost more, but is worth it if you need to be protected from the elements.
  • Before your vehicle is loaded onto a carrier, you’ll need to empty it completely. There are several reasons you can’t use your vehicle to haul your stuff while it’s on a carrier. They all relate to safety— weighing down your vehicle increases its weight, can impede a clear line of sight during loading/unloading, and more often than not, your items can bounce around in transport and become damaged.
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When you’re ready to ship your vehicle to Arkansas, call us toll free at 855-242-8090 or visit our site for a free quote – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!