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Heading to or from the state of Louisiana? Check out Cobalt Auto Service’s outstanding customer service and award winning transport reviews. Cobalt offers fast personalzied service and the ability to move your car, truck, or motorcycle anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.louisiana water way

If you’re moving down south to Louisiana then you should visit our site to find out more:

Or you can call us toll free, 24 hours a day, at 855-242-8090.

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Louisiana Car Transport Tips

  • As with any move, be prepared! Take a few minutes to research the area that you will be travelling to. This is really important if it’s the first time that you are heading to the area. Finding out where things like a grocery store, department store, and other conveniences are will make the transition much easier and let you worry about things much more important!
  • Get your car ready for transport and use. If you have some minor repairs to attend to, now is the time. You can do it yourself or take your vehicle in for a quick tune up at your local mechanic. Either way, ensure that your car or truck is ready to go so that you have no surprises waiting for you when it’s delivered.
  • Do you have anything else that needs to be moved? If you’re moving your entire household you should take the time to plan ahead for having, or not having, access to your vehicle(s). Again, finding out where stores are near your destination and looking into public transit can make a huge difference and save you a lot of wasted time.

When you’re ready to ship with a reliable company to or from Louisiana just contact Cobalt and we’ll get you moving in no time!

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