Cobalt Offers Shipping To New York

Looking to transport your car or truck to or from the state of New York? Let us help you with a smooth transfer and our award winning customer service. Whether you are going to NYC or headed upstate, Cobalt Auto Services can make your car shipping experience to New York quick and easy.

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Traveling or moving to New York can offers some unique challenges! If you are moving into New York City you will want to figure out several things beforehand. For example, where would it be most convenient to have yournew york state flag vehicle transported to? Would your residence be the best, or would a lot be the best option? Will you be able to meet the transporter? Do you have a place to park? These are of course all things that you should think about before moving to NYC or taking your vehicle there.

If you are moving or travelling upstate, you will want to think about the weather. The conditions in upstate NY can range from feet of snow to hot and humid – being prepared is key. Ensure that your carĀ has good tires and brakes so that you are ready to drive in any condition. Some of the more rural places outside of the city may require additional shipping time – this all depends on how far from main interstates your destination is and can factor into the overall time and cost of your vehicle transport to New York.

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Remember these tips when preparing to ship your car to or from New York

  • Inspect your vehicle. Take a look at the exterior after washing and cleaning it. Make note of any damage prior to shipping.
  • Inspect the interior of your car. Take out any garbage and personal items.
  • Consider using a sunshield in the interior of your car. This will help protect your interior from sun damage during transport. This can be very helpful if your car or truck will be sitting for a long period before being picked up. Keep in mind that you car will need to be driven on and off the transport truck, so no visor in the front windshield!

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