Get Your Vehicle Shipped To North Dakota

Are you moving to or from North Dakota? Get your vehicle shipped reliably with Cobalt Auto Services. With coverage throughout the state and across the United States (and internationally) your car or truck will be in good hands! Visit this page for more information:

Going with the right company for your auto transport needs is important. Cobalt has years of experience shipping cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more – and we enjoy a high level of repeat business; something that we feel shows that customers love our service!


View the full ND car shipping video here:

North Dakota Car Shipping Advice

  • No matter where you are heading to or from, be sure to find out about the weather patterns before you arrive. Not only is it important for YOU to be prepared, but you want to ensure that your vehicle is up to the task. For example, you may be dealing with sub-zero temperatures and rough roads that will require your car to be in good mechanical shape.hauling cars across north dakota
  • Be sure to remove all personal items from your car or truck prior to shipping.
  • Find out about your destination before leaving. This will help you be oriented when you arrive and make travelling around the new area easier. If you are arriving before your vehicle does, take the time to find out where the closest grocery store and other necessary businesses are – you’ll be glad you took the time before you left once you arrive and need to quickly grab food or other needed items!

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