Move Your Car To Minnesota With Cobalt

Heading north for a job or family? Don’t want to drive your car all the way by yourself? At Cobalt Auto Services we help many individuals and families get their car, truck, or motorcycle to and from the state of Minnesota. You don’t have to be travelling far for this to make sense – having your automobile securely transported and ready to go when you arrive can save you time – and money!

Why Choose Cobalt?

At Cobalt we practice excellent customer service on a regular basis – our many repeat client’s are a testament to this fact. We aim to please so that you will spread the word about our great service and help us service more customers across the United States and internationally. Find out more about our Minnesota services at our site:

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Minnesota Shipping TipsTrees surround a lake in Minnesota

  • Is your car ready for the weather? If you’re not from Minnesota and not sure what to expect, head over to a weather almanac site like Wunderground and view the data for the different parts of the season. Depending on when you arrive you may need chains, a shovel, and warm clothing, or a bug swatter and shorts! Being prepared ahead of time will keep you safer and potentially save you money and time by avoiding last minute work and additions to your vehicles.
  • Clean out your car. Be sure to get all of your personal belongings out of the vehicle. The car or truck is insured during transport – not your personal belongings!
  • Remove any exterior additions. Items like bike racks need to go. This is to ensure the safety of your vehicle, and those around it, when loading. The trucks used to haul your vehicle are meant to do so safely without these additions – there is likely not room for you to leave these items on.

When you are ready to get your vehicle shipping to Minnesota, call us toll free at 855-242-8090, or visit the website for your free fast quote:

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