Auto Transport Tips

Preparing Your Vehicles For Summer And Transport

It’s now the middle of April and summer is just around the corner for most of the U.S. Is your car ready for the summertime driving conditions and transport? You might ask, what’s the big deal about summer – do I really need to do anything different? Depending on where you live, the answer may […]

Cobalt Explains – Fast Auto Transport

Are you looking to have a car or truck deliered in days instead of weeks? Do you need a quote by tomorrow? If so, Cobalt Auto Services is the company that can help you with your time-restricted needs. Once you contact us by calling toll free 855-242-8090 or visiting the website and submitting a free […]

Cobalt Auto Explains: Shipping Reviews

If you are looking to ship your car, truck, or motorcycle, you should do a little checking on the company you choose. For example, looking at client reviews on the site is a good start. Are they missing reviews? Why? The next step would be to check out other sources of reviews for shipping and […]

Cobalt Auto Services Explains Cheap Car Transport

Do you wonder how cheap car transport can be realized? Is it possible? Of course it is! However, you need to be aware of several things. Firstly, you get what you pay for – and sometimes you can find a good deal. On the other hand, some companies will offer you a low price quote […]

Cobalt Services Explains Car Transport Costs And Fees

If you’ve ever wondered why the exact cost of vehicle transport is not shown on websites, such as our own, then check out this quick video we made explaining this very issue. View the full video here:¬† The bottom line is that there are MANY variables that go into getting an accurate quote for your […]

Car Transport To And From Arkansas

No matter why you are heading to, or leaving from, the state of Arkansas, you can get your car, truck, or motorcycle shipped with us here at Cobalt Auto Services. Just head over to our free quote area and we’ll get to work on a personalized quote just for you. Some companies have pre-made quotes […]

Moving During The Summer

Are you, or someone you know, planning on moving during the summer months? Moving can be a hectic time but adding in the summer temperatures can bring on even more issues. Don’t let it get to you though – taking some tips from around the world of moving pros will let you cool down and […]

Car safety issues increasing in 2014

There has been a record increase in the amount of recalls from vehicle manufacturers in 2014 so far, and we are only halfway through the year! So far, the largest issue has been with airbags; most recently a huge recall of vehicles using airbags has put that number sky high for the year. Several different […]

Summer Moving Season

Well, the time is upon us – the spring and early summer. This is the time of year when many American’s choose to move. This can be a time for a lot of stress and large bills associated with the move – however, there are ways to reduce both! Of course, Cobalt Auto Services has […]


Cobalt Offers Shipping To New York

Looking to transport your car or truck to or from the state of New York? Let us help you with a smooth transfer and our award winning customer service. Whether you are going to NYC or headed upstate, Cobalt Auto Services can make your car shipping experience to New York quick and easy. The full […]