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New Classic Car Show To Debut In Early 2015

Just came across this news that there is a new show slated to debut in early (January) 2015 – featuring a wide range of classics. The show’s backers have stated that it will have something for everyone and appeal to “the whole family”. It should be interesting to see how it turns out – they […]

Car Safety & You

If you are like most people, you want a car that is efficient but also gives you comfort and looks appealing. Most people do NOT think, “well, this car looks ugly, but I’ll be OK driving it!”. The fact is, most people choose cars at least partly due to the way they look and the […]

Car safety issues increasing in 2014

There has been a record increase in the amount of recalls from vehicle manufacturers in 2014 so far, and we are only halfway through the year! So far, the largest issue has been with airbags; most recently a huge recall of vehicles using airbags has put that number sky high for the year. Several different […]

Google car on the road

Google Driverless Car Getting Close

Tired of gridlock, traffic, and other car-related troubles? Wish there was an easier way to go about getting things taken care of on the road? Well, Google has been working on a solution for just that. Not only would it have implications for daily drivers and commuters, but it could have an impact on transport […]

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Photo from Outlaw Trucking

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Photo from Outlaw Trucking

Largest Dinosaurs, Mayors, STORY, And Herbivores

Ships were being sent to evacuate more than 3,000 Chinese after violence by rioters outraged that Beijing sent an oil rig into the South China Sea, which both countries claim. FULL STORY At about 130 feet long and 180,000 pounds each, these herbivores, which date back 95 million years, may be…